Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Programme

Leeds Olympic Weightlifting Coach Alex Parry gives you a Full Beginner Weightlifting Routine
  • Develop technique for Olympic Weightlifting

  • Build Leg, Back, Shoulder Strength

  • 3 Day Per Week Programme

  • Average Workout Time 1.5 hours.



This is a simple programme designed to introduce you to the major lifts as well as some basic technique drills.  it is also designed to improve your leg and back strength to allow for long term progress into heavier weights.





Although it's possible to run this programme on your own to great effect, I would still highly recommend finding a good local weightlifting coach.  Not only will this help you feel more confident and learn quicker, but it'll stop you developing bad habits that can hinder your future performance.


The Programme


Day 1:

  1. Snatch Balance         3x3    Light bar

  2. High hang Snatch     3x3     Light bar

  3. Snatch                     8x1     Moderate Weight

  4. Back Squat              3x5     Moderate-heavy

  5. Plank Hold               3 x      Max


Day 2:

  1. High hang Clean        3x3    Light Bar

  2. Clean                       8x1    Moderate Weight

  3. Jerk                         5x2    Moderate Weight

  4. Front Squat              3x3    Moderate-heavy

  5. Side Plank Hold         4 x    Max


Day 3:

  1. Snatch                      Daily Max

  2. Clean & Jerk              Daily Max

  3. Back Squat                 Up to 5rm

  4. Hanging leg Raises      3 x 10



Which Days?


Leave at least one day between each session, so Monday, Wednesday Friday would work.  As would Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.  So would Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

Why no specific weights?


Beginner's typically don't need prescribed weights, your goal is to play it by feel and be as consistent as possible.  If you're making every single repetition then you should obviously raise the weight, but if you're dropping/missing reps then you might need to go down a bit.  use some common sense here.



Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Programme Leeds


If you're in Leeds and want to take your lifting to the next level, then why not join my Olympic Lifting programme.  In 8 weeks you'll massively accelarate your learning and performance in the sport!  If you read the form up above you'll know I'm also offering a FREE 90 Minute Technique Analysis Session.


Hope to see you in the gym soon,


Until then keep getting stronger

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