Terms & Conditions

1)  Results may vary from person per person.  This will depend on factors such as:


  • Your commitment to training

  • Your commitment to your diet and nutrition plan

  • Your training history and experience level

  • Your own genetic potential



2)  Any and all Money Back Guarantees made by Character Strength & Conditioning are subject to the following requirements that the client:


  • Attended all required training sessions

  • Followed their programme as prescribed (meaning no missed sessions as well as no additional unplanned sessions that may impact recovery)

  • Updated weight difficulty column of your programme each week

  • Provide weekly feedback on Fatigue Levels

  • Maintained a nutrition log that allows for adequate tracking of calories and macronutrients (for example tracking through MyFitnessPal)

  • Commit to sleeping at least 8 hours per night

Failure to meet any of these requirements will invalidate any and all guarantees.


3)  In training with Character Strength & Conditioning you promise to disclose any relevant medical conditions that may impact the safety or effectiveness of your training.

4) Privacy Policy

Character Strength & Conditioning does not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

5) Cancellation Policy


If attending 1:1 sessions we require 12 hours notice of any cancellation.  Failure to provide notice will result in the client being charged for the session.


If the client decides to cancel training mid-way through a programme they are not entitled to any refund.  Failure to complete the programme also invalidates the money back guarantee.




Character Strength & Conditioning reserves the right to re-imburse or refund clients on compassionate grounds, however this is not a client right, and will only be assessed on a case by case basis under exceptional circumstances.

6) Contact Details

Character Strength & Conditioning

7 Listing Lane


West Yorkshire

WF15 6EP


07712 471834




"I have endeavoured to make the rules as simple as possible, and as we progress through our training I will do my best to always be available for contact should you have any questions or concerns.  Character Strength & Conditioning is a small business built on trust (and hard work) and I look forward to training with you in the future."    


Alex - Head Coach at Character Strength

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