Improve Your Weightlifting total with the
6-week Bulgarian or bust weightlifting programme

"If In Doubt, Max Out" - Ivan Abadzhiev (Bulgarian Head Coach)

The Bulgarian weightlifting system defined an entire era of weightlifting, generating 
12 Olympic champions, 57 world champions and 64 European champions.


So I've put together and tested a 6-week programme based on their exact principles.

My name is
Alex Parry, I'm a strength, conditioning and weightlifting coach that helps athletes and weightlifters refine their technique, get stronger and hit PR's.

Over the past 7 years, I've coached everyone from
everyday athletes through to squads of national and international level competitors.


And I can tell you one thing for certain, maximal results require maximal effort.  

I created this 6-week Bulgarian weightlifting program to give you a way to train with maximal effort, without breaking yourself in the process.

It's priced super-reasonably so it should be within most people's budget, and you can purchase the programme by clicking below...

Having Worked With:

"It was brutal, but my total shot up by almost 20kg"

Cameron. - 96kg Weightlifter

Here's WHAT The programme includes...

3 to 5 Days Per Week Training Schedule:  Combining essential and optional sessions so that you can move between recovery and maximal effort.

Unique Ramping Structure: Move through 6 distinct weeks of training phases, each designed to increase your maximal lifting capacity.

Weightlifting Total Peak:  The sixth week concludes with a chance to test your maxes and set new PR's.

Core and glute 'Pre-hab' work: To help reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Comprehensive Instructions: Guidance on how to best run the programme and how to adapt when needed.

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Frequently asked questions

I know that putting your trust in a coach and in a programme is tough, so I've done my best to answer your biggest questions upfront...

Amit - 105kg Lifter
Becca - 63kg Lifter

Which Pieces of Equipment Will I Need?

The only equipment that you absolutely need is a barbell and bumper plates.  Well, that and an Iron mindset.

What If I Can't Do a Particular Exercise Due to Injury or Equipment Limitation?

I've included a selection of modifications and alternative exercises in the instructions that come with the programme.  And if you're really struggling, you can drop me a message,, and I'll brainstorm a custom solution for you free of charge.

Can I Use This Programme Whilst Cutting/Dieting?

Absolutely, I've had athletes use this exact programme whilst dropping 2kg for a new competition weight class. across.  Just make sure that you're listening to your body following the guidance included about total number of sets.

What Type of Results Can I Expect From the Programme?

Your results will depend on a range of factors including training experience, nutrition, sleep and even your genetic potential.  I'm not some A-hole internet coach who's gonna promise you a world championship weightlifting total in 6 weeks.  What I can promise is a solid, proven programme built around hard work and quality training.

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That means instant access to your programme which you can download in excel format

You Improve Your Total 

No more over-thinking your training programme trying to work out how to mash everything together.  You just focus on executing and getting results

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