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Everyone here trained 1:1 with myself to develop their technique and improve their performance.  Male, Female, Old or Young, Everyone Got the Results they Wanted
Find out more about the individual athlete's below:


Masters Lifter (50+ Category)


Training for 6 months


Snatch PR: 50kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 60kg


Completely new to Weightlifting 6 months ago. Great attitude and work ethic.


Training for 4 months


Snatch PR: 60kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 100kg

Great Natural Lifter, excited to see his progress in a year's time.



Training for 4 months


Front Squat from 45 to 65kg

Back Squat from 40 to 65kg

Deadlift PR: 120kg

Snatch PR: 27.5kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 45kg

Loves deadlifts!



Training for 1 month


Snatch PR: Not Learnt Yet

Clean & Jerk PR: 25kg

Professional Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor on a mission to get STRONG!



Classes for 1 year. Just started 1:1


Snatch PR: 75kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 115kg

Hates the hookgrip, say's chalk is cheating!



Online Coaching Client - 58kg Category


Snatch went from 45kg to 52.5kg 

in 12 weeks


Hayley - Complete Beginner

Trained for 4 months


Snatch PR: 35kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 52.5kg


She also boasts a 100kg deadlift, 90kg Squat and the ability to perform strict pull-ups.

Derek - Complete Beginner


Trained for 8 months


Snatch PR: 70kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 82.5kg


He also rocks a not too shabby 170kg back squat and some impressive conditioning.

Emma - Complete beginner


Trained for 6 months


Snatch PR: 45kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 55kg


Loves weightlifting, hates cardio!

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