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"We worked with Alex for 6 months, lost about 11kg each and even ran our first 5k.  Honestly couldn't be happier"

Jane and Sarah

What Results Do We Get?

This Leeds based personal training programme is designed to help you learn the right exercises, right foods and right strategy to help you accomplish your weight and fitness goals (And Keep them!)

Snatch, Clean & Jerk after 12 weeks
Amit - 105kg Lifter

"Can't rate Alex's Coaching highly enough.  In 12 weeks I've gone from pretty much never weightlifting before to having (at least in my eyes) pretty good technique."

Clean & Jerk 6 Weeks Progress
Becca - 63kg Lifter

"So far I'm 6 weeks in and absolutely loving it! I was a bit worried at first but all the technique drills have helped me build a lot of confidence with the movements"

What Makes Character Strength Weightlifting so special?

We know that putting your trust in a coach and in a programme is tough, so here's why Character Strength Weightlifting is right for you

We take all the uncertainty away by providing a step by step programme of technique drills and strength development to make sure that you learn the lifts in the safest and most effective way possible.

We teach you the language, etiquette and habits of successful weightlifters so that you can be physically AND mentally prepared to perform at your best.

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