In-Person WEIGHTLIFTING, strength & Conditioning COACHING

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Work directly with me as your personal coach to maximise your performance.

I have very limited In-Person (face to face) availability so this service is strictly by invitation only.  You can apply by filling out your contact details below and arranging a call.


Apply for In-Person Coaching

Your Coach

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Alex Parry, MSc, BA

Tutor & Educator for British Weightlifting

His experience includes working as Head coach of Yorkshire Barbell Weightlifting Club, plus 7+ years experience within Strength & Conditioning, including supporting 2 major universities, 2 national talent pathways, and athletes at the international level.

What Customers Are Saying

"I absolutely loved working with Alex.  I finally feel confident that I can perform the olympic lifts in my programme"

Derek W.   85kg Weightlifter 

"Can't rate Alex's Coaching highly enough.  In 12 weeks I've gone from pretty much never weightlifting before to having (at least in my eyes) pretty good technique."

Amit. R.   109kg Weightlifter

What you'll get

1) Face to Face Coaching with mea qualified and experienced weightlifting, strength & conditioning coach 


2) 100% Individualised Training Programme:  You'll get your own programme designed specifically to address your weak spots and move you towards your goals    

3) Weekly Programme Updates: I'll monitor your training feedback and make tailored adjustments each week.

4) Weekly Check-Ins:  Alongside your proactive updates, I'll check in with you by Messenger or Text to provide feedback on your training, answer your questions and keep you on track when the training gets tough.

5) Video Analysis: Never worry about your technique again.  Send throughout the week unlimited videos for review, feedback and suggestions. 

6) 24 Hour Turnaround time on any of your questions throughout the week

7) Custom Nutrition Guidance (Optional): You'll receive a step-by-step priorities based nutrition plan to enhance your recovery, improve your performance and get you into the right competition weight class (if that's a goal for you)

 Character Strength client testimonials & Results

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Locations COVERED

In person weightlifting coaching and strength & conditioning coaching is available within a 12 mile radius of Normanton, West Yorkshire.  This includes...

  • Leeds

  • Wakefield

  • Bradford

  • As well as surrounding areas

I can provide a small space for technical practice in Altofts, or I can travel to your home gym, provided that you have agreed this with the owners beforehand.

frequently asked questions

What's the Next Step After Filling in My Details?

I'll reach out within 1 business day to organise a phone call.  We'll use the call to go over details of the coaching, and ask each other questions to make sure that we're a good coach-athlete fit.

How Will I Communicate With You?

We will communicate in person during our sessions, plus through Text, Messenger or WhatsApp Chat (Depending on your preference) in between our sessions.

Why Are Spaces Limited?

Mainly because I'm very busy.  I run multiple high level strength & conditioning programmes for national talent pathways, as well as education for British Weightlifting.  I genuinely can only work with a very limited number of athletes per year.

Will You Provide Warm-Ups, Mobility and Pre-hab Work?

Yes, if you work with me you'll have an individualized warm up, mobility and pre-hab plan to increase your performance whilst reducing injury risk.

Is this type of In-Person Coaching Suitable for all levels of athlete?

I tend to focus on working with higher level athletes who have a desire to compete, however, I do also occasionally work with beginners or less experienced athletes, provided they have a real drive to improve and embrace a long term development plan.