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"I can't speak highly enough of the programme, I got more progress in the past 12 weeks than I've had in the last 6 months"

Mark Weatherall - 94kg Weightlifter

What Results Do We Get?

Weightlifting is a simple sport, you aim to snatch, clean and jerk the most weight possible.  


Here are two client stories to show you exactly how I can help you with that...

Added 10kg to Clean in 12 weeks
Mark - 94kg Lifter

"Alex helped me hit my first triple digit clean, and it felt like there was a LOT more in the tank.  Not bad considering he also helped my diet down from 96kg to 93kg in bodyweight."

Added 15kg to total in 12 weeks
Sarah - 58kg Lifter

"So glad I found Alex and did a 12 week programme.  I'd been stuck at 45kg for ages and it was becoming a bit of a mental block.  But yesterday I hit 52.5kg and it felt pretty easy"

What Makes Character Strength Weightlifting so special?

We know that putting your trust in a coach and in a programme is tough, so here's why Character Strength Weightlifting is right for you...

Let's get rid of all the feelings of confusion or overwhelm. I'll provide you with a fully personalised 12-week programme based on an assessment of your needs as a lifter.

I use weekly 'fatigue management' tracking to make sure you're getting enough recovery, avoiding injuries and performing at your best

I'll make sure you have daily access to your coach by messenger for questions, answers, and video technique feedback to keep your progressing optimally.

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