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"I've been working with Alex for about 12 weeks now and I've seen significant improvements in my physique, especially around my arms"


What Results Do We Get?

This online hypertrophy programme is designed to help you pack on serious mass as quickly as possible.  I use cutting edge methods straight from elite Strength and Conditioning programs and custom fit them to suit your exact goals and needs.

Daniel - 6 Months

"I had to work my ass off but it worked.  I lost fat and built muscle, It's pretty funny when I look back at my old pictures"

Jason - 12 Months

"So there's probably about 2 years between these pics, but I spent the first year achieving basically nothing before I contacted Alex.  The training was tough but it was really well managed. Crazy happy with my results."

What Makes Character Strength Bodybuilding 

Coaching So Special?

We know that putting your trust in a coach and in a programme is tough, so here's why we're right for you...

You can take away the guessing game because I provide you with a proven step by step plan for packing on serious muscle.  No more bro-science, just solid results.

You'll have your own 1:1 online muscle building coach available 6 days per week to answer all your questions, keep you accountable and help you smash your physique goals.

I'm so damn confident that I'll get you results, that if you haven't built muscle in your time on the programme, I'll coach you for free until you do.  That means there's literally zero risks to you, just results.

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