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My name is Alex Parry, I'm a strength, conditioning and weightlifting coach that helps athletes and weightlifters refine their technique, get stronger and hit PR's.

Over the past 7 years, I've coached everyone from
everyday athletes through to squads of national and international level competitors.


I've worked as Head Coach of Yorkshire Barbell Weightlifting Club and OutLift Powerlifting Club, Educator for British Weightlifting as well as providing strength and conditioning support to 2 major universities, City of Leeds Swimming Club Talent Pathways and Leeds Rebound Gymnastics Club Elite Squads.

I created Character Strength & Conditioning so that I could bring elite-level training to everyone.  Providing cutting edge-edge, evidence-driven coaching to help people improve their performance without wasting their time and energy on things that don't work.

If you want to book a call to chat with me about your own training, or about supporting a team you manage, you can use the button below.

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"I absolutely loved working with Alex.  I finally feel confident that I can perform the olympic lifts in my programme"

Derek W. - 85kg Weightlifter

Here's WHAT I Do For my Clients

100% Individualised Training Programme:  You'll get your own programme designed specifically to address your weak spots and move you towards your goals    I'll even update the programme EVERY WEEK based on your feedback.

Custom Nutrition Guidance: You'll receive a step-by-step priorities based nutrition plan to enhance your recovery, improve your performance and get you into the right competition weight class (if that's a goal for you)

2-3 x Weekly Check-Ins:  I'll be checking in with you by Messenger or Text to get feedback on your training, answer your questions and keep you on track when the training gets tough.

Video Analysis: Never worry about your technique again.  Send unlimited videos for review, feedback and suggestions. 

What RESULTS DOES Character Strength Weightlifting COACHING DELIVER?

I know that putting your trust in a coach and in a programme is tough, so here's some real client results from Character Strength Weightlifting Coaching...

Amit - 105kg Lifter
Becca - 63kg Lifter
Snatch, Clean & Jerk after 12 weeks

"Can't rate Alex's Coaching highly enough.  In 12 weeks I've gone from pretty much never weightlifting before to having (at least in my eyes) pretty good technique."

Clean & Jerk 6 Weeks Progress

"So far I'm 6 weeks in and absolutely loving it! I was a bit worried at first but all the technique drills have helped me build a lot of confidence with the movements"

Application process

You Book Your Call & Fill In Your Application Form

Character Strength Online Weightlifting Coaching Isn't For Everyone.  I work relentlessly to help you reach your goals, and in return I expect a high level of commitment. That means I only select a handful of people that fit a certain criteria

I Call and Speak With You

I will call and speak with you at the time you booked.  We'll discuss your current training, goals, obstacles and what I can do to help you bridge that gap. 

I Decide Who Gets to Join

Once I've got a good sense of who you are and how you might fit into the team, I will decide whether or not you get to join the coaching programme.  No matter the outcome, I'll make sure you go away with clear next steps.