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The Best time to get Strong is NOW

Want to know the number one reason why we fail? Not just you, or me, but everyone. it's because we don't actually do the things we say we're going to do, simple as. I'm sure you've heard the saying 'why do today what you can do tomorrow?' Well let me tell you now, it's crap, totally and unmitigated crap. If you want to succeed in becoming a better, faster and stronger version of yourself then you need to start NOW!

Think about it this way, even if you do start tomorrow, then you've lost one day of action, so in the world of fitness, you're now one day less fit or less strong than if you'd started right now! The reality, though, and the main worry with leaving something until later, is that tomorrow becomes the day after tomorrow, which becomes 'I'll start on Monday,' which soon becomes 'next month,' and so on and so forth until you never start at all. Far too often I've chatted to guys at the gym who moan about not making progress but then don't bother coming to the gym for a whole week. You'll beat those guys simply by showing up.

Seriously though, I'm not here to judge (well maybe I am a little!) I've done this myself under the pitfall of 'planning'. By this I mean convincing myself that planning what I was going to do was as good as actually doing it. Here's the thing though, you'll never get a perfect plan, you'll never develop the perfect working routine or the perfect nutrition programme or the perfect whatever it is you're planning to do. I'm not saying planning's bad ('fail to plan and plan to fail' and all that) but there's a point at which planning needs to stop and action needs to start; plus, here's a little secret, the two aren't mutually exclusive, you could just as easily be planning that workout whilst jogging round the local park as you could sat on the sofa!

Also, if you're going to be planning you might as well be doing it right, so if you get a moment read my article on Strength training for the Soul, a.k.a why most goals suck!

My advice in general is to watch interviews or read the books written by successful people. Whether they're sportsmen, businesswomen, professors, inventors or world leaders. Above all else I'll bet that they say they worked hard and worked consistently toward their goals, building on their strengths and removing their weaknesses. And I'll bet even more that when they had an idea, whatever it was, they'd start working on it NOW!

Get started and Stay Strong

Your Coach


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