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Look Like Arnie In 8 Minutes A Day

Revolutionary New Method For Muscle And Strength Gains Shocks The Fitness Community

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There’s an interesting psychological premise that separates our thinking and actions into two distinct ‘brains.’ There’s the neo-mammalian brain, which deals with intellectual and logical activities, and then there’s the reptilian brain, which deals more along the lines of food, desire and instincts (or sex, drugs and rock & roll if you will) And if you clicked on this headline, I’m willing to bet a kidney that your lizard brain just got more of a say! WAIT THOUGH, before you click off the page and storm off in a rage that you’ve been pseudo-rick rolled, how about I promise to give you real, actionable advice that you can use to become stronger, smarter, sexier and to achieve a whole bunch of things you never even dreamed you were capable of. Deal?

First things first, you’ve got to accept that you’re part of an instant gratification generation. In what other time in history could you sit with access to an instantly connected ‘web’ of virtual information; a web in which you can instantly message your friends whilst ‘waiting’ a whole 60 seconds for your instantly cooked food to be ready. Let’s face it, life is bloody great! That’s why you clicked on the link to this article. Your rational, mammalian brain said ‘Don’t click it, you know it’s not true,’ but your sneaky little lizard brain popped on its beer helmet, hopped in an old shopping trolley and pushed itself down the hill towards instant gratification. Now that’s not to say that lizard brain can’t be fun, hell he can be the life of the party, but sooner or later you’ve got to wake up and tidy his F**king mess!

To continue the analogy, whilst mammalian brain might have had one or two drinks which he knew he’d like, lizard brain opted to have as many drinks of as many types as he could get his hands on. For a while lizard brain was awesome, he’d found new things he loved and was interested in, life was dandy. But come the next morning he was left with a banging headache, an empty wallet and no idea what he’d done for the past month! Extend this analogy by replacing ‘drinks’ with ‘hobbies’, ‘training programmes’ or ‘fitness gimmicks’ and I’m pretty sure you can get the point I’m shooting for. Lizard brain can be awesome, but left uncontrolled can be a one-way ticket to weakness, lack of accomplishment and that strange rash you don’t want to talk about!

To move on from analogy into application, allow me to share a story of an experience I recently had with a client, who for the sake of anonymity we’ll call Jane. So Jane, unhappy with her weight and her associated deteriorating health, called me up to book in a personal training session. The session went as standard, we discussed goals, put together a programme and walked through some exercises appropriate to her fitness levels. Two days later I get a call from Jane saying that she wants to stop training with me because she hasn’t seen any results! Yep, I kid you not, after only two days and a single training session Jane had decided that she simply wasn’t progressing fast enough. She was so used to the lifestyle of instant gratification (the same lifestyle that had caused her issues in the first place) that she couldn’t even comprehend the idea that she wouldn’t INSTANTLY become a fitness sensation. If Jane had listened to her rational mammalian brain instead of her beer-helmeted lizard brain, she would have stuck with her training and gotten the results she wanted. Instead she gave up, accomplished nothing, and set herself on a fast track route towards looking like one of the humans in the film WALLE (Think massively overweight and sitting in floaty chairs!)

The moral of this little anecdote is that anything worth having is going to take time. That’s not to say that variety is a bad thing, far from it! My business is built around strength and conditioning, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy philosophy, psychology, literature and a bunch of other stuff. The reality, however, is that I don’t expect to be as good or as well versed in any of those things as someone who focuses more time on them. Red Wine is the perfect example to demonstrate this point. A good bottle of red wine takes time to create, it needs to age so that all of that…let’s call it ‘winey magic’ can happen. Sure you can head to a supermarket and buy that sort of instant red wine that comes in a carton, but you sure as hell shouldn’t expect it to be delicious. At the end of the day when thinking about health, about strength, about physique and about fitness, you only have to ask yourself one simple question…

‘Do I want my body to be the finest, richest and most expertly crafted it can be? Or do I want to rush it and settle for that shady carton that may or may not cause me to go blind?’

Now, true to my promise, allow me to extend an invitation to you. If you truly want to get smarter, choose one book and read it this week. If you want to get a bit sexier, Google search social magnetism and read about it for a couple of hours this week. And if you want to get stronger and more muscular, subscribe to my mailing list and take the actions suggested in the articles I’ve posted this week. Then, and this is the most important step, repeat this process every single week, without fail, for the next 52 weeks. Will the results be instant? Hell No! But will you get noticeable results? Hell Yes! Will you make mistakes? Of Course! But will you learn from them? Damn right! This is the best, and indeed the only, way that you’re going to improve. You can either choose to trust me, to challenge yourself and to succeed like never before, or you can choose to give up, to make an excuse and to crawl back to mediocrity.

Put another way, are you going to control that lizard? Or are you going to keep on trying to ‘Look like Arnie in 8 minutes a day?’

Stay Strong

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