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Why I DON'T Believe in Leg Day | Leeds Strength & Conditioning Coach Explains

Hold on, why is a competitive Powerlifter, Olympic lifter and Strength Coach telling me he doesn’t believe in leg day? Isn’t that somewhat like an elf not believing in Santa, or another kind of elf not believing in hobbits? Well, actually no. And here’s why.

Leg Day is NOT the best way to develop your legs.

It is, put simply, too much focus on one body part in a concentrated space of time. It by far overloads your body’s recovery ability and though it might be seen as some kind of macho challenge to have DOMS for four days, it just isn’t sensible or efficient training.

Does this mean I don’t squat or deadlift? Of course not! It just means that I structure my training, and the training of my clients, in better and more practical ways. Instead of destroying our legs in one session I’ll have us spread that volume out across two or three sessions during the week. The same amount of work will get done (sometimes even more work will get done) but we’ll be allowing our bodies to recovery properly and thus maximising the amount of positive adaption we see to stimulus.

So rather than the traditional body part splits you’ll see in bodybuilding circles, try using upper/lower splits (such as this) full body workouts and workouts that focus on specific movements patterns (such as this). Trust me, clever programming and a consistent work ethic will always beat gung-ho masochistic leg days. Plus, there’s the added advantage of being able to walk most of the time…and that’s a good thing!

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