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Why Should I Learn Olympic Lifting? Birstall Personal Trainer Alex Parry Gives You 5 Reasons

Olympic Lifting, for those that don’t know, is now a sport of only two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. It’s tough to learn, requires attention to mobility, and it won’t help you get bigger pecs (sorry guys)

Why, then, should you bother to learn Olympic lifting? Listen up, because I’m about to give you no less than 5 reasons why you absolutely, 100% should be learning this sport.

  1. Olympic Lifting WILL make you a Faster and more Explosive Athlete

By hitting all those type IIb muscle fibres (your fast-twitch fibres) Olympic lifting will help you run faster, sprint faster, jump higher and perform better in pretty much any sport.

2. You’ll Shed Fat

To perform either of the Olympic lifts you’ve got to use your quads, hamstrings, calves, spinal erectors, lats, shoulders and rhomboids; in fact pretty much every muscle group in your body. This massively elevates your heart rate, burns a tonne of calories and helps you burn through fat.

3. You’ll get MUCH STRONGER

With any good Olympic lifting programme you’ll be deadlifting a bit, and squatting A LOT. That means that you’ll be getting stronger. In fact most competitive lifters can squat 2-3 times their own bodyweight!

4. You’ll Build Patience and Develop Self-control

With Olympic Lifting you can’t just pump away at the weights and grind through a workout. You’ve got to be switched on all the time. You’ve got to be 100% aware of what your body is doing. You’ve also got to rest for 3 or more minutes between heavy attempts. If circuit training is a dog, energetic and relentless, then Olympic Lifting is a Snow Leopard, quiet and restful as it calculates the best way to kill you!

5. Olympic Lifting WILL make you a Bad-Ass

Okay, this one’s not necessarily a fact, but there’s definitely a sense of self-confidence that comes with learning an elite level skill. And whilst I love bodybuilding as much as the next guy, high rep bicep curls with a 10-20kg weight just aren’t as impressive as perfectly lifting 100kg above your head. You can’t argue with Maths.

That’s it then folks, 5 reasons you absolutely SHOULD be making Olympic lifting part of your programme.

If you happen to be in Birstall, come on down to MP Fit Gyms Thursday 6.30-7.30pm where I’ll be teaching a beginner’s class.

And if you really want to start learning ASAP, I run an 8 week 1:1 coaching course to accelerate your progress. It only costs £80, which for 8 hours of coaching is RIDICULOUS Value.

Hope to see you soon

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