• Alex Parry

Resistance Makes You Stronger

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We all know how to grow our muscles right?! Of course... We push (or pull) against resistance and over time our body adapts to meet the need. The more you push, and the more you push against, the more your body will adapt. And yeah, this is simplified (sets, reps, rest times etc all play a part) but as a general principle, it holds true.

I believe that this exact same principle applies to every aspect of our lives. We grow stronger by pushing against resistance, by being persistent in the face of difficulty.

It’s a well-recorded fact that people who WORK and STRIVE for success enjoy and appreciate that success MORE than people who have simply had success given to them. Lottery winners blow their money and heirs to massive fortunes often do exactly the same thing.

The feelings of success, of gratitude, of happiness and of fulfilment come through knowing that you personally have put in the time and the effort to EARN them. You’ve got to EARN success, you’ve got to EARN strength, and that can only be done by battling against resistance.

When we try to rush to success and when we expect success to simply find us we’re cheating ourselves of the very core of what success is about. Success isn’t a light bulb; you can’t just switch it on (and if you could then someone else could just as easily switch it off again!) NO, success is all about WHO YOU BECOME and the things you learn.

By fighting against resistance you learn to stay positive even when things are bad. You learn to be persistent, you learn to be tenacious, you learn to be energetic, you learn to be inspiring, motivating, encouraging and a hundred other things.

By fighting against resistance you BECOME STRONGER.

So keep fighting

Your Coach


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