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World Record for Clean and Jerk: 2022

Here's a complete, up to date (for Jan 2022) list of all the clean and jerk world records for every weight class within the sport of weightlifting. It includes...

*Records are correct as of Jan 2022. We may see some changes as international events take place throughout 2022.

world records for clean & jerk lasha

Men's World Record Clean & Jerks

55kg Class: 166 kg by Om Yun-chol of North Korea, 2019 World Championships Thailand

61kg Class: 174 kg by Eko Yuli Irawan of Indonesia, 2018 World Championships

67kg Class: 188 kg by Pak Jong-ju of North Korea, 2019 World Championships Thailand

73kg Class: 198 kg by Shi Zhiyong of China, 2019 World Cup China

81kg Class: 208 kg by Karlos Nasar of Bulgaria, 2021 World Championships, Uzbekistan

89kg Class: 216 kg World Standard

96kg Class: 231 kg by Tian Tao of China, 2019 Olympics Test Event, Japan

102kg Class: 231 kg World Standard

109kg Class: 241 kg by Ruslan Nurudinov of Uzbekistan, 2021 Asian Championships

109kg+ Class: 267 kg by Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia, 2021 World Championships

Lasha Talakhadze's Heaviest Clean & Jerk of All Time (As of 2022)

Women's World Record Clean & Jerks

45kg Class: 108 kg World Standard

49kg Class: 119 kg by Saikhom Mirabai Chanu of India, 2021 Asian Championships

55kg Class: 129 kg by Liao Qiuyun of China, 2019 World Championships Thailand

59kg Class: 140 kg by Kuo Hsing-chun of Chinese Taipei, 2019 World Championships

64kg Class: 145 kg by Deng Wei of China, 2019 World Championships Thailand

71kg Class: 152 kg by Zhang Wangli of China, 2018 World Championships Turkmenistan

76kg Class: 156 kg by Zhang Wangli of China, 2019 World Cup China

81kg Class: 158 kg World Standard

87kg Class: 164 kg World Standard

87+kg Class: 187 kg by Li Wenwen of China, 2021 Asian Championships Uzbekistan

Olympic Clean and Jerk Records

Given that the olympic games are held in such high esteem, you would be forgiven for thinking that the olympic records were the same as the world records for the clean and jerk. In reality, since the games are only held every 4 years, and very few weightlifters actually get to attend them, the majority of world records are set at the annual weightlifting world championships.

Plus you have to consider that certain weight classes simply don't exist within olympic competition. With all that in mind, here are the olympic records, which are correct as of 2022, but very likely to be updated in 2024, especially given the IWF's love of arbitrarily trying to change weight classes for no good reason.

Men's Olympic Clean & Jerk Records

61kg Class: 172 kg by Li Fabin of China, 2020 Tokyo

67kg Class: 187 kg by Chen Lijun of China, 2020 Tokyo

73kg Class: 198 kg by Shi Zhiyong of China, 2020 Tokyo

81kg Class: 204 kg by Lü Xiaojun of China, 2020 Tokyo

96kg Class: 225 kg by Fares El-Bakh (Meso Hassona) of Qatar, 2020 Tokyo

109kg Class: 237 kg by Akbar Djuraev of Uzbekistan, 2020 Tokyo

109+ Class: 265 kg by Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia, 2020 Tokyo

Women's Olympic Clean & Jerk Records

49kg Class: 116 kg by Hou Zhihui of China, 2020 Tokyo

55kg Class: 127 kg by Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines, 2020 Tokyo

59kg Class: 133 kg by Kuo Hsing-chun of Chinese Taipei, 2020 Tokyo

87+kg Class: 180 kg by Li Wenwen of China, 2020 Tokyo

At present (2022) there are no olympic records for the 64, 76 or 97kg weight classes, as no lifter hit the predetermined 'olympic standard' during the 2020 games.

The standards remain as... 64kg Class: 134kg

76kg Class: 149kg

97kg Class: 159kg

World Record For Clean & Jerk: A Bit of History

What was the world record clean and press?

Before it was removed from competition in 1972, the clean and press was one of the three lifts athletes competed in. The clean and press world record was 236.5 kg, lifted by Vasily Alekseyev.

How much did vasily Alekseyev lift?

A popular bit of clean and jerk history, Vasily Alekseyev Clean & Jerked 256.0 kg (564 lbs) on 1 November 1977 in Moscow. He was also the first man to clean and jerk 500+lb, and the first to total more than 600kg across the 3 lifts (before the clean and press was removed of course)

What is the biggest sinclair clean & jerk of all time?

Sinclair is a measure that compares strength across body sizes and sexes. The best men's sinclair clean and jerk of all time is held by Naim Süleymanoğlu, and was set at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. His lift of 190kg at 60kg (3.16 times his bodyweight) gives him a sinclair of 277.763, which stands unbeaten to this day.


Wrapping Up

How do your lifts compare to the greats? Let us know down in the comments. And for more weightlifting content, workouts, guides and programmes, consider joining our mailing list.

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