Rounded Back Deadlifts and Why Your Ego is Making You Weak

July 17, 2015


Now this is one of the biggest and most common mistakes I see around the gym.  Guy approaches the bar, loads up a tonne of weights and tries to yank that puppy off the floor; usually, before he’s even got the bar off the ground his forms gone to hell. 


Now I could go on to give a lecture about spine health and bulging discs and sheer forces and blah blah blah who actually cares.  What I WILL talk about, though, is how this type of deadlifting (and this type of training in general) is making you weaker


Here’s the tough love:


  • Lifting with a rounded back is NOT the most efficient way to lift weight from the floor

  • Your body learns movement patterns, and if you constantly repeat a rounded back deadlift, then your body will learn a rounded back deadlift.

  • Once you’ve learnt and ingrained a bad technique, it takes 10 times the amount of effort to re-learn!


And the same goes for every single movement your body can learn.  If you constantly repeat rubbish squats, you’ll ingrain a rubbish squat.  If you constantly repeat a lazy half-rep bench press you’ll ingrain a lazy half-rep bench press.



“Constantly going for ultra-heavy weights does NOT make you strong”


Getting strong makes you strong, and you do that by learning good technique, gradually increasing the weights you lift and by leaving your ego at the door.


All you’re doing by going heavy all the time is TEACHING YOUR BODY TO BE WEAK.


I can promise you right now that the guys you see on World’s Strongest Man didn’t just wake up and decide to add tonnes of weight to their lifts.  No, what they did was train for years, gaining little bits of strength week by week in order to become the lifting machines they are today.


The reality is that if you want to ACTUALLY be strong, you’ve got to stop PRETENDING to be strong.


Learn good technique, improve little by little, and stop letting your ego make you weak.



Stay Strong


Your Coach




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