strength & Conditioning support for teams, clubs, pathways & Institutions

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We can provide professional, high quality strength & conditioning support for teams, clubs, talent pathways and educational institutions.

I've found over the years that each sporting situation is different, and so the best place for us to start is with a brief consultation to discuss your unique needs and requirements.  Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your call.


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Alex Parry, MSc, BA

Alex's experience includes 7+ years within Strength & Conditioning, including supporting 2 major universities, 2 national talent pathways, and both junior and senior athletes at the international level.

He is also a Tutor & Educator for British Weightlifting

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Strength & conditioning packages can include

1) Face to Face Coaching: With myself and assistant coaches, to ensure your athletes are getting the most out of their training sessions


2) Custom Team Training Programmes:  So that every rep of every set of every exercise your athletes do improves their sport performance as much as possible.  

3) Fatigue Monitoring: Never worry about athlete burnout again, we'll plug in our 'fatigue monitoring matrix' so that your athletes and coaches know when to pull back off the throttle.

4) Remote Support Options:  Video technique analysis, team whatsapp groups and Q&A's are all available as additional support.  These can be integrated with face to face support, or used for remote strength & conditioning support.

5) 24 Hour Turnaround time: on any of your questions Monday through Friday.  No more waiting around to implement crucial changes.  

6) Growth Ready Set-Ups: As your programme grows, so do your support requirements.  With character strength & conditioning, there's no limit to your potential.  We can add in extra coaches, help build internship programmes, plus help you to find nutritionists, physiotherapists and other key support staff.

 Character Strength client testimonials & Results

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frequently asked questions

What's the Next Step After Filling in Our Details?

I'll reach out within 1 business day to organise a phone call.  We'll use the call to go over your specific requirements and explore which strength and conditioning support options would work best for you.

Do You Work With International Clubs?

We can work remotely with international clubs (outside the UK) using a variety of technology.  Get in touch using the form at the top of the page and we can discuss your situation in more detail.

Which Age Groups Do You Work With?

We can work with youth, junior and senior athletes.  However, we set 11 years of age as a minimum requirement.  We also ensist that for under 16's, any group session sizes are limited to no more than a dozen athletes.  

Will You Provide Warm-Ups, Mobility and Pre-hab Work?

Yes, teams will have an individualized warm up, mobility and pre-hab plan to increase sport performance whilst reducing injury risk.

Will We Have to Have a Training Space Available?

It is generally expected that you will have appropriate training spaces available, including gym spaces as well as field or hall spaces where necessary.  If you're unsure about this, get in touch, and we might be able to help you set up some arrangements in your local area.