The proof's in the pudding...g...
Everyone here trained with me to lose fat and increase their strength (even if they were injured)
Everyone Got the Results they Wanted.
You Can Too.
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Client Case Studies for STRENGTH & FAT LOSS

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Becca S, Yoga Business Owner

“This is something I'd always wanted to try but never found the time.


I absolutely love it, working with Alex I feel strong and powerful.


The training has been really exciting and challenging (in a good way!) I'll definitely be continuing with Character Strength ”


Neal C, IT Analyst


"Alex understood my needs immediately and set about analysing my technique, or rather lack of. In the short time I’ve been with Alex he has taken my technique apart down to a fine detail and rebuilt it.

If you are looking for an online coach then look no further. I highly recommend Character Strength & Conditioning. Give Alex 110% and he will invest 110% in you. You will then see some amazing results.”

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Paul K, Shipping & Logistics


"I've had a lot of health issues and injuries in the past, but Alex helped me work through them safely and make progress.

I felt like he got to the heart of my problems with intelligent questioning and a range of unique tests.

Alex is not your usual personal trainer that you'll find at the local gym, he's the real deal and I'd recommend him to anyone"

Jill Jei W, Associate Lecturer


Before training with Alex I used to have pain in my knees and lower back, I'd tried to running to get fit but it just made things worse.


Alex has helped me to get through the difficulties and set me up with a training program to build my fitness back and correct my injuries.

I finally feel like I'm making progress and feeling healthier. I fully recommend him.

Kanika S, Telecommunications Manager


“Alex offers a great, tailored service for his clients and the work he does is well thought out and drives for real results.


Found him to be positive, inspirational and fantastic for his patience throughout my learning process.”

Even More Fat Loss & Strength Case Studies


Leo T - Paralegal


"A few weeks into working with Alex I noticed I had a lot more energy and a lot more focus at work.

The training helped me to feel more confident in pursuing challenging cases and being present in client meetings

If you're looking for a return on investment for your career, I really recommend working with Alex"


Laura H, Lawyer


“Alex is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced coach.


Alex provided a great training programme with clear and achievable goals.


I could feel myself improving and getting stronger each week.”

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Adam T, Logistics Manager


“Alex designed an excellent programme which improved my technique, gain strength, reduced body fat and gave me confidence….


100% would recommend!"