The proof's in the pudding...g...
Everyone here trained with me to develop their technique, strength and improve their performance. 
Male, Female, Older or Young. Everyone Got the Results they Wanted.
You Can Too.
If your goals are less strength-based (perhaps your focus is more weightloss or injury recovery) you can check out my other clients here.

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Client Testimonials for Weightlifting Coaching


Masters Lifter (50+ Category)


Training for 6 months.


Snatch PR: 50kg            Clean & Jerk PR: 60kg


Completely new to Weightlifting 6 months ago. Great attitude and work ethic.


Training for 4 months


Snatch PR: 60kg             Clean & Jerk PR: 100kg

Great Natural Lifter, excited to see his progress in a year's time.



Training for 4 months


Front Squat from 45 to 65kg             Back Squat from 40 to 65kg

Deadlift PR: 120kg                           Snatch PR: 27.5kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 45kg

Loves deadlifts!



Training for 1 month


Snatch PR: Not Learnt Yet               Clean & Jerk PR: 25kg

Professional Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor on a mission to get STRONG!



Classes for 1 year. Just started 1:1


Snatch PR: 75kg                         Clean & Jerk PR: 115kg

Hates the hook grip, say's chalk is cheating!


Even More Weightlifting Case Studies

Emma - Complete beginner


Trained for 6 months


Snatch PR: 45kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 55kg


Loves weightlifting, hates cardio!

Hayley - Complete Beginner

Trained for 4 months


Snatch PR: 35kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 52.5kg


She also boasts a 100kg deadlift, 90kg Squat and the ability to perform strict pull-ups.

Derek - Complete Beginner


Trained for 8 months


Snatch PR: 70kg

Clean & Jerk PR: 82.5kg


He also rocks a not too shabby 170kg back squat and some impressive conditioning.